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Call Recording + Speech Analytics + Artificial Intelligence


Gain real-time insights into how your business is performing. With TruRecord using Artificial Intelligence up to a hundred data points of information are derived from every conversation. Then the data is processed through advance Speech Analytics to provide dealerships with actionable insights for every call. Custom notifications can be sent to dealership management for immediate action. A web based portal allows customization, call reviews and rich reporting capability.

CRM Integration

Fully integrates with all the leading CRM applications, publishing complete call details of every inbound and outbound call to your CRM application. Calls from any device; desk phone, mobile phone, cordless phone, tablet or soft phone can be logged into the appropriate CRM record.


Complete Communications Solution

Never Miss Another Call

  • TruMobile cellular
  • TruVoice Hosted VoIP
  • UC-One Unified Comm. & TruInsight Call Management
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    Fully Integrated Cellular

    Enterprise Cellular

  • Integrated Cellular
  • UC-One Unified Comm. & TruInsight Call Management
  • Works on All Phone Systems
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    Unified Communications

    Communications & Collaboration Suite

  • Call From Your Cell Phone, PC, Mac & Tablet
  • One Phone Number For All
  • Instant Messaging
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    Cloud based VoIP

    Cloud Based VoIP

  • Cloud-based VoIP system
  • UC-One Unified Communications
  • TruInsight Call Management
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    AI Integrated Call Recording

    Up Your Customer Service

  • 100% Integrated Recording Across All Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Records Cellular Calls
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    Call Management System

    Deep Insights on Every Inbound & Outbound Call

  • Abandoned Call Recovery
  • Cradle to Grave Reporting
  • Unreturned Lost Calls
  • Historical Reporting
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    Professional On-Hold Messaging

    Voice of Your Dealership

  • On-Hold Marketing
  • Custom Auto-Attendant Recording
  • Voice Talent & Music
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    100% Call Recoding for Every Phone System

    Call Recording Solutions for Existing Phone Systems

  • Call Recording- 100% Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Premise & Hosted VoIP Systems
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    TruRecord integrates our call recording of 100% of all inbound and outbound calls with analytics and artifical intelligence for the most comprehensive call analysis available. With TruRecord, every cellular, landline and softphone call is captured and recorded. With TruRecord, you no longer need to subscribe to expensive third-party call recording services. TruRecord can capture every call from every telephone system.

    With TruRecord’s artificial intelligence, up to 100 call attributes can be derived from every call. When key words, phrases, negative sentiment, CSI concerns and other areas of significant interest are detected, alerts are sent to management for the appropriate action. TruRecord can detect when additional training of employees is recommended and provide coaching and training.

    Frequently asked questions

    No, TruRecord is integrated into your phone system so you get 100% of your inbound and outbound calls recorded, analyzed and sent to your CRM provider.

    You can always listen to any call but it is not required. With TruRecord up to 100 attributes of each call is derived using advanced Artificial Intelligence. You will always know the outcome of each call.

    No, TruRecord is available for most phone systems. Please see the TruSpoke tab for detailed information.

    Yes, you can program the parameters for notification. When a problem call is detected you will immediately be notified by email or text and you can access the call right from the notification.

    Never miss another inbound service call... guaranteed.

    100% of inbound service calls will be answered

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