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Comprehensive Call Management


Displays real-time statistics in large, fully customizable tiles. Wallboards are optimized to be displayed on desktop monitors as well as large, wall mounted screens for real-time, team viewing.

Mobile App

All Real-time and Historical reports are available on your IOS or Android device.

abandoned calls

This Unreturned Lost Call Report provides a list of Calls highlighted in green indicate that the previously abandoned call was successfully returned during the same business day the initial call was received. Calls highlighted in red remain unreturned.

Actionable Intelligence

Call analytics are available in real time at any time. Drill down into departments, groups, stores and campaigns in real time. Base decisions on actual call data.


Complete Communications Solution

Never Miss Another Call

  • TruMobile cellular
  • TruVoice Hosted VoIP
  • UC-One Unified Comm. & TruInsight Call Management
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    Fully Integrated Cellular

    Enterprise Cellular

  • Integrated Cellular
  • UC-One Unified Comm. & TruInsight Call Management
  • Works on All Phone Systems
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    Unified Communications

    Communications & Collaboration Suite

  • Call From Your Cell Phone, PC, Mac & Tablet
  • One Phone Number For All
  • Instant Messaging
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    Cloud based VoIP

    Cloud Based VoIP

  • Cloud-based VoIP system
  • UC-One Unified Communications
  • TruInsight Call Management
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    AI Integrated Call Recording

    Up Your Customer Service

  • 100% Integrated Recording Across All Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Records Cellular Calls
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    Call Management System

    Deep Insights on Every Inbound & Outbound Call

  • Abandoned Call Recovery
  • Cradle to Grave Reporting
  • Unreturned Lost Calls
  • Historical Reporting
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    Professional On-Hold Messaging

    Voice of Your Dealership

  • On-Hold Marketing
  • Custom Auto-Attendant Recording
  • Voice Talent & Music
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    100% Call Recoding for Every Phone System

    Call Recording Solutions for Existing Phone Systems

  • Call Recording- 100% Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Premise & Hosted VoIP Systems
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    The most valuable technology in your dealership is your telephone system. With TruInsight, your telephone system comes to life with over 200 sets of historical and real time call statistics, alarms and wallboards. With TruInsight, you always have detailed information about every call to and from every cell phone, desk phone and campaign number in real time. TruInsight provides detailed call volume information to ensure that each location is properly staffed throughout the business day so that your customers calls are always answered. TruInsight monitors call center agent performance in real time assuring proper staffing together with successfull time efficient interactions on every call. Abandoned calls represent one of the largest threats to your bottom line. With TruInsight, you will always know how efficient your team is connecting with your customers in real time analytics and real time graphical views of every telecommunications interaction in your company.

    Frequently asked questions

    No, all reports can be scheduled to be emailed to you on any schedule.

    The abandoned call report is available at any time and can also be emailed?

    Yes, all reports are available on the mobile app. Apps are available in IOS and Android.

    Calls can be tracked by half hour intervals. Reports can be setup to report on the times that calls are missed to optimize staffing resources.

    Real-time reporting is available. Calls can be monitored and barged into. Real-Time wallboards are available to track every facet of your telephone traffic.

    Never miss another inbound service call... guaranteed.

    100% of inbound service calls will be answered

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