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Company Overview

dealerTEL provides Automobile Dealers a complete communications suite including integrated Hosted VoIP (Desk Phones), Nationwide Mobile (Cellular), High Speed Internet, Call recording, Speech Analytics, CRM Integration and TruSafe Private Data Centers for the ultimate in connectivity and security. dealerTEL also offers host of exclusive additional communication enhancing products and services for your dealership. Our technology allows dealers to finally “marry” mobile phones with our Hosted VoIP phone system into a seamless cost effective communications environment.

The result is a dealership communications solution that guarantees that 100% of dealership Mobile calls and Desk phone calls can be recorded and published to the dealership’s CRM provider. No other solution has this capability. With dealerTEL the dealership owns every telephone number it’s customers and employees use. No more being subjected to the use of employee’s personal cell phones to communicate with the dealership’s customers.

Other mobile phone carriers force dealerships to use their cell phones separate from the dealership’s primary phone system. With dealerTEL your cell phone is like having a desk phone in your pocket. Now your cell phone can either replace or partner with your desk phones. With dealerTEL your desk phones and cell phones can finally “talk” as a single seamless system across all your stores.

With our technology the Mobile Phone is an extension of the dealership phone system without the need for cumbersome third-party apps or WiFi calling, our mobile integration is in the “Cloud” so there is nothing to add to the phone. Now you can use your cell phone as it was intended…”right out of the box”.

The dealerTEL team has over 100 years of in-dealership telecommunications experience so we understand and deliver solutions that work to improve our Dealer’s bottom line. At dealerTEL we manage the technology so you don’t have to.