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Integrated Cellular & UC-One

Ceullar Integration

Natively extends the over 300+ features of our hosted VoIP service to your mobile phone so your employees become more mobile and accessible with one phone number and one voicemail, maximizing your communications investment. Allows for increased employee productivity, call management, call efficiency, and service to your customers.

Call Recording

TruRecord technology records & analyzes all
inbound and outbound, local or toll free,
land line and cellular calls. TruRecord provides a comprehensive view of every call that goes through your current communications system. You can capture, record, organize and analyze all of the calls coming to and from your business. Includes Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence on every call.

CRM Integration

Fully integrates with all the leading dealership CRM applications, publishing complete call details of every inbound and outbound call to your CRM application. Calls from any device; desk phone, mobile phone, cordless phone, tablet or soft phone can be logged into the customer’s CRM record.

Nationwide Coverage

Tier 1 national voice, LTE & 5G network covering over 240 million people


Complete Communications Solution

Never Miss Another Call

  • TruMobile cellular
  • TruVoice Hosted VoIP
  • UC-One Unified Comm. & TruInsight Call Management
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    Fully Integrated Cellular

    Enterprise Cellular

  • Integrated Cellular
  • UC-One Unified Comm. & TruInsight Call Management
  • Works on All Phone Systems
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    Unified Communications

    Communications & Collaboration Suite

  • Call From Your Cell Phone, PC, Mac & Tablet
  • One Phone Number For All
  • Instant Messaging
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    Cloud based VoIP

    Cloud Based VoIP

  • Cloud-based VoIP system
  • UC-One Unified Communications
  • TruInsight Call Management
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    AI Integrated Call Recording

    Up Your Customer Service

  • 100% Integrated Recording Across All Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Records Cellular Calls
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    Call Management System

    Deep Insights on Every Inbound & Outbound Call

  • Abandoned Call Recovery
  • Cradle to Grave Reporting
  • Unreturned Lost Calls
  • Historical Reporting
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    Professional On-Hold Messaging

    Voice of Your Dealership

  • On-Hold Marketing
  • Custom Auto-Attendant Recording
  • Voice Talent & Music
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    100% Call Recoding for Every Phone System

    Call Recording Solutions for Existing Phone Systems

  • Call Recording- 100% Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Premise & Hosted VoIP Systems
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    TruMobile is a nationwide integrated cellular service. TruMobile also includes a complete Unified Communications suite with high definition voice, Instant Messaging and presence from your cell phone, PC and tablet using your cellular telephone number. TruMobile is fully integrated with our hosted VoIP system or it can be integrated into your existing telephone system. Unlike “app based” software solutions, TruMobile is a pure cellular with nationwide service included. By adding TruRecord, cell phones can be recorded, analyzed and published to your CRM system.

    Frequently asked questions

    Your cell phone will have similar features to your other devices. This means your greeting can advise the caller to press “0” and be redirected to a person, a group or an Auto Attendant. Voice mail would be a choice of last resort.

    Yes, TruMobile is compatible with all existing phone systems.

    Yes, if your phone is a recent phone that has VoLTE also know as Voice over LTE. Almost all recent phones are compatible.

    a. Yes, with TruMobile call recording is available on the cellular network so no special application is required.

    Yes, service is available in most countries and your features will also work.

    Never miss another inbound service call... guaranteed.

    100% of inbound service calls will be answered

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